How to Make Ceviche

In a country where—as Gastón Acurio said—ceviche is way more than a recipe, “it’s a way of life”, it’s pretty much a given that Peruvians take the dish pretty seriously. Javier Wong is arguably the top ceviche-maker in the country—some even call him the godfather of ceviche. He’s not only well-respected in the chef community, but also amongst serious ceviche eaters. His “secret” (although he claims there’s no secret) is in the simplicity of the dish. It’s almost like a minimalistic ritual; you need the freshest possible fish (he only works with sole), Peruvian limes, onions, salt and pepper. And a lot of love to mix it with. He only works out of his own small house in the working class neighborhood of La Victoria (hence the eatery’s name, Chez Wong), he doesn’t have a menu, and you have to call days in advance in order to get a spot. But if you want the real deal, he’s your guy. And now he’s going to show you how to do it yourself.