Chavin De Huantar Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Chavin de Hauntar in Peru. On the journey to Chavin De Huantar, one of the oldest cult locations in Peru, there’s the fascinating world of the Andes that seems to touch the clouds. Radiant colour and pure Nature are constant companions on the 109 kilometre route from Huarez to these ancient ruins. The settlement of Chavin De Huantar has a history that dates back 3000 years. Even today little is known of the exact way of life of the Chavin culture as no written history of it has been discovered. Thus, research is restricted to the archaeology that has been uncovered that also includes various stone images. Snakes, animals, and birds engraved in stone have been among the most commonly found images of this mysterious culture. Assisted by beautiful flat reliefs even today numerous temples and fortresses show the artistic talents of Chavin culture. During the first millennium A.D., this seven hectare area was the most important place of pilgrimage in Peru. In the oldest section there are entrances to a subterranean world where an assortment of labyrinth-like passages and rooms extend down almost seven floors. The scant light that manages to find its way into the narrow passageways adds to the mysterious atmosphere of this ancient architectural masterpiece. For the inhabitants of Peru’s mountains in the first millennium B.C., Chavin De Huantar symbolised the beginning of a colourful new age and today it is an atmospheric example of a mysterious and fascinating past.